bash stuff

Michaël Tousignant evanidus at
Sat Oct 19 06:30:51 PDT 2002

Ian Molton <spyro at> wrote:

> Just a thought but I IMHO we should run hash -r to flush bash's path
> hash table after installing replacements for things in /static
> that way we start using the new apps asap.

This is somewhat unecessary because the only thing that will actualy 
kept on being used from /static (using LFS commands inputted by user) is 
things like make, cp, mv, patch... All the other important commands (like 
gcc, ld) will be invoced from make/configure using a newly spawned shell 
(/bin/sh) which will have the right recent paths. These simple commands 
won't affect the resulting binaries unlike a command like gcc would so it 
doesn't really matter and can probably wait until bash is installed (and 
re-exec'ed (Which is unnessary too actualy, but make the user feel more 
at ease when not seeing "I have no name". ;))

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