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Jack Brown jbrown at kmts.ca
Sat Oct 19 19:06:55 PDT 2002

> I think that respect some standards (like FHS or LSB) is not so bad...
> Personally, I like to use /opt or /usr/local for testing purposes, to
> see how a package not described in BLFS behaves in my system. If I
> install directly in /usr, and it creates some subdirectories like
> /usr/foo, and does not have a "make uninstall", I really mess up my
> system. So, what I do? I install the "unreliable" package in /opt and
> see what packages it installs, if it's OK, I put it on /usr, delete
> /opt directory tree and create a new one. I want to use /usr/local now,
> because I can by mistake delete /opt/{kde,qt,gnome} ;-)
> I just gave an example of the /opt or /usr/local utilisation. Maybe
> someone have another use.

personally I use /opt for things like precompiled packages. some examples
would be the DivX player, Phenix nightly builds, sun-jdk,
realplayer8/plugin, Acrobat reader/plugin.

/usr/local I use for alternate versions of pragrams that are already
installed into /usr.  Reasons I've had for doing this are making a
crosscompiler toolchain for GNU/Hurd, old versions of autoconfig, testing
new programs that I didn't want to polute the /usr tree.

Jack Brown
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