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jsmaby at jsmaby at
Sun Oct 20 05:26:48 PDT 2002

>>>sed -e 's/\(.*\)\(fopen-safer\.c \)\\/\1\2atexit.c \\/' \
>>>-e 's/\(.*\)\(idcache\$U\.\$.*\)\\/\1\2atexit$U.$(OBJEXT) \\/' \
>>>lib/ > lib/ ??

> Ah, what a graceful expression... really flows off the tounge nicely, 
> doesn't it.

I don't know about that; sed -e 'foo' -e 'bar' could be better written
as sed 'foo; bar'.  And then you've got the whole
sillyness.... I much prefer the following:

echo -e '132 s/^/atexit.c/\n192 s/^/atexit$U.$(OBJEXT) /\nwq' \
  | ed lib/

Or perhaps better written:

echo '132 s/^/atexit.c/
      192 s/^/atexit$U.$(OBJEXT) /
      wq' | ed lib/

Kind of gives one a reason to install ed, eh?
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