LFS Distro

John Nielsen da02043 at mail.ikasths.dk
Wed Oct 23 05:06:34 PDT 2002

> Im new to this open source world. Can I simply take
> nALFS and put it on a cd with some scripts and create a distro? 

Well... License wise i dont think there should be any problem with doing that. 
Just make sure you dont put any binaries on the cd that has no accompagnying 
source code. But if you make a source based distro, you would allmost 
exclusively have source code on the cd anyway...

> Also, what is the
> best way to create a kerel that will work on the most hardware, simply say
> 'y' to every question in the kernel config? Thanks and advance for your
> help!

Be careful with that. Some kernel options are mutually exclusive. Becides, if 
you say y to every kernel option, the kernel image would be enormous and take 
up incredible amounts of ram. Instead you want to say 'm' to as much as 
possible and install everything as modules. Then when you start up, you need 
to load all the modules you need for that particular setup. 

John Nielsen

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