LFS 4.0 "You should not ...

Stephan sperber quinte17 at gmx.de
Thu Oct 24 22:44:15 PDT 2002

hello ;)

>     Bringing up the eth0 interface...
>     SIOCSIFADDR: No Such Device
>     eth0: unknown interface: No such device
>     SIOCSIFNETMASK: No such device
>     SIOCSIFBRDADDR: No such device
>     eth0: unknown interface: No such device             [FAILED]
>     Setting up default gateway...
>     SIOCADDRT: No such device                             [FAILED]

this is mostly an easier problem... the causes can be:
1. u havent loaded the module for your network interface
2. u hav forgotten to select the interface in your kernelconfig (make
2. u selected the wrong chip of your networkinterface...

> When I shutdown, it goes to 'Removing default gateway...' with OK then
>     SIOCDELRT: No such process                                [FAILED]
>      Bringing down the eth0 interface...
>      etho: unknown interface: No such device                   [FAILED]

theres nothing to shutdown... so this error occours

> Honestly, I'm not sure anymore what I put in for networking.  It seemed 
> "reasonable" at the time.
> Only significant deviation from the instructions was when I tried to   
>  umount $LFS    Response was that it was busy.  Don't remember if I was 
> root at the time.  I shutdown and got lilo.

if u logged out of chroot, have u umounted the /proc device?
or where u in any way in some of the folders with another login?

> BTW.  Love the book.  I've been going round and round with Redhat, 
> Debian,.....  looking for help, giving up, trying again.... on and off 
> for several months.  I'm not sure what all I've learned with LFS, but 
> certainly a lot.  And though I haven't actively participated, I 
> certainly appreciated the demeanor on lfs-support and the news groups.
> Anything else I can provide, please don't hesitate.  I'm looking forward 
> to BLFS.

nice to hear


PS: was not sure if u are in this list... so i cc'd u

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