Creating directories (chapter 6)

Chris Wesdorp chriswesdorp at
Sat Oct 26 11:17:37 PDT 2002

In chapter 6 the first thing is creating the directories. Throughout the 
book different bash constructions are used in the commands, so here is 
mine. Why not change the for-loop to this:

for dirname in /usr /usr/local
    mkdir $dirname(bin,etc,include,lib,sbin,share,src}
    ln -s share/{man,doc,info} $dirname
    mkdir -p share/{dict,doc,info,locale,man/man{1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8}}
    mkdir share/{nls,misc,terminfo,zoneinfo}

it saves another line (to use that for an argument :-) ). For those who 
don't see the difference, take a look at line 5.

Chris Wesdorp

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