Simon Roby shamblrd at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 27 15:16:36 PST 2002

> Personally, I don't think /tmp should be used actively by the user.
> Excuse me for a poor and flame-attracting analogy, but I see /tmp as
> C:\WIN{D|BL}OWS\TEMP. For those (few) of you stuck with windows, I
> suppose you aren't using it for temporarily placing your files, etc.
> It's a directory for the system, where e.g. setup self-extractors unzip
> or programs put their swap-files and other temporary (usually deleted
> after exiting the program) stuff, and normally you shouldn't fiddle
> around with it except to clean all the trash up. And it's totally OK to
> clear it in the boot process.

I don't agree with that last sentence here. A lot of dumb installation
programs ask for a reboot (not suprising at all under Microsoft "we are too
lazy to register librairies at run-time" Windows) then finish some details
with the installation after. If your TEMP dir is deleted at bootup, those
brain-damaged installations will barf.
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