Al T. at at fiber.net
Mon Oct 28 06:02:50 PST 2002

Ian Molton wrote:

> We really need to remove the contents of /tmp when we boot.
> how the HELL do you get rm to delete hidden files when you do rm -rf
> /tmp/* ?

To answer several posts, I recall (correct me if I'm wrong) that the FHS 
specifies that the contents of /tmp and /var/tmp are *not* guaranteed to 
exist between one reboot and the next.  Before I used LFS, I used Caldera.  
It had a routine to delete selected files in the temp directories.  And, I 
think they need to be cleaned out.

I use BSD-like init scripts as specified in the LFS hints.  So, I wrote my 
own routine to clean out the tmp directories: delete them, then recreate 
them and change the permissions.  There is only one thing that remains from 
boot to boot: the random number generator seed.  I store it before shutting 
down, I restore it, then clean out tmp.

I know my approach is a bit harsh, but in my opinion, tmp space is 
temporary.  And, the FHS gives me permission to delete everything at 
startup.  If it deletes something it shouldn't, then the application should 
not have left it there :-)

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