Matthias Benkmann matthias at winterdrache.de
Mon Oct 28 10:52:27 PST 2002

On 28 Oct 2002 00:44:42 +0800 "S. Bougerolle"
<steveb at creek-and-cowley.com> wrote:

> However, it is an interesting thought to write a cleanfiles script which
> simply checks /tmp and reports if it's dangerously full, or satisfiest
> A cron job could run the same /tmp check.  That's pretty how much how I

History repeats itself. The last time the /tmp cleaning was discussed we
had similar suggestions. But it was decided that this is WAY beyond LFS,
that the LFS bootscripts are intended to be only a starting point. I
suggest this discussion should be moved to blfs-dev if you believe this
should go in the BLFS book.


This sentence no verb.

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