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Einar Th. Einarsson einarth at
Thu Oct 31 10:52:31 PST 2002

Hey y'all

Just booted LFS 4.0 for the first time 5 minutes ago (took a couple of
attempts as grub didn't like my label on the root partition...haven't
figured out why yet).

Anyways, when booting the system I got a message telling me that the
networking init-script had failed and if I traced it to some bug or
other then mail blablabla...

I compiled my kernel with module support, as I suspect a lot of people
will do, and the trouble was that I'd forgotten to add the nic driver to
/etc/modules.conf. Since even base linux systems have networking, and
it's standard practice to use kernel modules for nic's I think the book
should have a 1- or 2-liner stating that "if you use modules, remember
to put 'alias device yourdriver' (e.g. 'alias eth0 3c59x') in
/etc/modules.conf" with the kernel build instructions. This is pretty
much the only module you'd want loaded at boot time for the base system,
and it was the only thing where I found the book differing from 'real

Just a suggestion of course ;) 

btw. I'm not on the mailing list, so cc sender address when replying.


Einar Th.

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