groff-1.18 | man-1.5k: man.conf

Richard rgollub at
Mon Sep 2 04:22:21 PDT 2002


	Version 1.18 of groff, in order to get man to "behave nicely" (i.e, not
displaying the ESCape char sequences), has prompted the need to change

	The change currently in use modifies the embedded call to NROFF by
giving it the arg -c, which according to its manual:

       The  -h  and -c options are equivalent to grotty's options
       -h (using tabs in the output) and -c (using the old output
       scheme  instead of SGR escape sequences).  The -C, -i, -n,

	This solution, in a way, defeats (relatively) the purpose of upgrading
to this version.

	IMO there is a "purer" and neater way of handling this. Instead of
tinkering with 'nroff', let's leave the pager (in our case,
'less') deal with text.

	This can be done because less is duly prepared through the arg -R (cf.
its manual), and thus my suggestion is simply the following:

                edit man.conf, changing the call to less from

                       "PAGER           /bin/less -is"


                       "PAGER           /bin/less -isR"

	Can anyone see why this would not fit the bill nicely, all the time?


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