shadow chown(tty) - problem

Richard Lightman richard at
Mon Sep 2 13:00:25 PDT 2002

* YuX <yux at> [2002-09-02 20:24]:
> "Richard Lightman" <richard at> wrote in message
> news:20020901110033.A1034 at urusai.localnet.rcl...
> > I log in, and and run:
> > nohup ./spy /dev/vcc/1  /dev/vcc/2  &
> > nohup ./spy /dev/vcc/a1 /dev/vcc/a2 &
> As user :
>     gcc spy.c -o spy
>     nohup ./spy /dev/vcc/1  /dev/vcc/2  &
>     Problem : permission denied
At a guess, /dev/vcc/1 or /dev/vcc/2 is owned by root.

On a normal system, /dev/vcc/* is not chowned when a user logs in
to prevent things like spy capturing anything. I made spy to test
a new feature in conlogin (kill things like spy so /dev/vcc/*
can be chowned to the user who logs in).

If you want to run spy, you must either be root, use conlogin
with /dev/vcc/* in the appropriate config file, or as root,
chown user /dev/vcc/1 /dev/vcc/2

If you do the last, you must su to user. If you log out, agetty
will chown the console back to root.

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