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Tue Sep 3 10:43:03 PDT 2002

On Tue, 3 Sep 2002, Rui Ferreira wrote:

> >Alas! Timothy Bauscher spake thus:
> > > IMO, it would make more sense if we didn't display package
> > > contents during chapter 5. Anyone else have a thought about
> > > this?
> >
> My thought goes the opposite direction.
> Keep the contents of packages in chapter 5 and just point out in chapter 6 
> that they are the same, just adding the contents of dynamic-only packages.

My thoughts go against both. Question: I don't know XML, byt from what I
have seen, it allows groups of things to be referenced and included in
multiple places.

If that is true, then I think the following suggestion fits both desires.

Make each list of packages for one of the install units one of the
referenced groups. In that group would be a one-liner along the lines of
"The items marked with an * are not installed until chapter 6 or later".
Or you could just do a catchall like "Some of these packages are not
installed in chapter 5". The latter has the drawback that one can not use
the book to see if all the components to be installed actually got

I propose this because I think seeing the installed components as early as
possible and more than once may help those who are trying to learn.

Bill Maltby
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