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"Timothy Bauscher" <timothy at linuxfromscratch.org> schrieb im
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> It was discovered that for some people, on specific software
> packages only, LDFLAGS=-static as an arg to make was being
> ignored. Thus, it is passed before configure now on these
> offending packages.
> I've discovered recently that it is also needed before static
> gawk on my uclibc system. Perhaps setting LDFLAGS before
> configure is something we should consider changing globally.

A friend of mine just reported to me that commands like
LDFLAGS=-static ./configure --foo=bar

do not work as we expect, i.e. like

export LDFLAGS=-static
./configure --foo=bar

when using a Debian host system. We could not yet track this down
completely, but that host system is using bash version
2.05a.0(1)-release, so the problem is perhaps not caused by bash. Or
Debian uses a special configuration for it.

We should perhaps change all

FOO=bar command

instructions back to

export FOO=bar
unset FOO

or at least put a note about that in the book.


Have fun,

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