Potential issue - gcc/glibc locale related

Greg Schafer gschafer at zip.com.au
Fri Sep 6 22:31:04 PDT 2002


I dunno if this is anything to worry about or not but I'm throwing it
up to the list for the record anyway.

libstdc++ now has 3 locale models - "generic", "gnu" and "ieee_1003.1-2001"

According to the docs, "generic" is the default, but "gnu" is selected if
the C library is recent enuff. After reading the docs, it seems to me that
we should be using the "gnu" model.

There is also a configure switch "--enable-clocale=MODEL" to control which
model is used.

Now, here is the problem. The libstdc++ configure script checks for the
presence of the "de_DE" locale. If you don't have this locale installed,
then you end up with "generic" as your locale model. You can check which
model gets selected by looking at the output of the configure script from
libstdc++ (note - this happens towards the end of the gcc build) it should

        checking for clocale to use... gnu

Because the book currently suggests that you optionally don't have to install
the localedata, it may be appropriate for the book to include the switch in
the gcc instructions for chapter 6:-


Coz if we don't, some folk are going to end up with "generic". Although, I
don't think this is a big problem, but I have fears there may be some sort of
ABI incomptibility in the C++ libs.

The reason I discovered this is I don't generally install any locales and
happened to notice that some libstdc++ tests were unexpectedly (XPASS) passing
for some folk but not for me.

Thoughts anyone?

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