Problem compiling Bash in 3.3

DavidC david at
Sun Sep 8 09:06:36 PDT 2002

	Greetings all,

	I'm not sure if this should go to here or to lfs-support, so I apologize if 
it's misplaced.

	I just got my first LFS system booted OK, but during the initial building of 
it, in 3.3 Chapter 5 when installing Bash-2.05a, I encountered a strange and 
frustrating problem. I wish I had written down the exact error for you, but I 
still hope this can be of help.
	What happened was when running configure, it halted with an error which I 
believe was about not being able to find 2 files. It looked like they were 
files that were supposed to be in the build directory but weren't. I looked 
in there, in the location given, and didn't see them. I checked the md5sum 
and it matched fine, so I don't think it was a corrupted download.
	To get around this problem, I downloaded the same version of Bash from and used that instead. The only difference I can think of was I 
downloaded it in tar.gz format instead. It worked fine. 
	Oh, also, instead of trying to install it from within 
$LFS/usr/src/sources/bash-2.05a, I copied it up one level to 
$LFS/usr/src/bash-2.05a and did it from within there.

	Probably just a newbie error of mine or something, but I thought I should 
report it just in case.

David C.
LFS User 4775

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