Issues I ran in to building the latest CVS (For those who care)

Steven Stimpson steven2 at
Sun Sep 8 14:37:19 PDT 2002

For those who read this stuff and for those who care these are not critisism 
of the LFS CVS I am providing this info in hopes it will better the book. 
So here we go. The problems I ran into building the CVS :

Bash would not install it's binaries using make install using the LFS 
I had it setup right as this: LFS=/mnt/lfs and yes hdb1 was mounted under
 /mnt/lfs and all cases were correct.I was copying and pasting directly from 
the web page. When I redid it using /mnt/lfs/static as the prefix it worked. 

 I did not realize this till much later as I had built all of chapter 5 and
appparently some packages installed okay using $LFS and some did not.

When I went to compile binutils in chapter five user LFS did not have 
permission to create the binutils-build directory.
In chapter 6 when I went to build Glibc the ./configure bombed out saying it
 could not determine the asm global directive. I did a google search and
 binutils was
mentioned. When I inspected binutils I saw that it too had not installed 
it's binaries. I redid it manually using /mnt/lfs/static and it installed 

 I still had the global asm directive problem. I downgraded binutils 2.13 to 
the old 2.12 and they installed fine. when I went back to chapter 6 the asm 
global problem went away.

 I made a list of all packages installed in chapter five because I do not
delete the old sources when i am done with them. Instead when a package 
needs to be re-installed in chapter 6 I simply check the list and if it was 
already installed in chapter five I do a make distclean on it instead of 
unpacking everything again. As each package was re-intalled i crossed it 
off the list.

 When chapter 6 was done i still had Findutils gawk sed and sh-utils as not 
having been re-installed in chapter 6.

Thats it!
 I want to thank all you people who work on this project as I get very much
enjoyment out of it. I cant imagine all the research it takes to put this
all together and I really appreciate what you people are doing here.

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