Issues I ran in to building the latest CVS (For those who care)

Archaic archaic at
Sun Sep 8 22:14:06 PDT 2002

On Sun, Sep 08, 2002 at 05:37:19PM -0400, Steven Stimpson wrote:
> For those who read this stuff and for those who care these are not critisism 
> of the LFS CVS I am providing this info in hopes it will better the book. 
> So here we go. The problems I ran into building the CVS :

Since you posted them here, and prefaced it as you did, I'm wondering if
you believe the book to be in error?  Just a note for you to ponder;
Most if not all of those problems you claimed were caused by user error
and not problems with the book. If, however, it was indeed a typo in the
book or just a plain brainfart that causes something to be omitted or
wrong, then any symptom you describe (with detail) would quickly be
solved. Most if not all of your error are common, yet the book
developers cannot account for the actions of the user. BTW, copy+paste
is also not without it's problems. It's not always correct. As was
mentioned a few days ago, a lot of email seems to be prefaed with "I did
everything exactly by the book". If that is truly the case it will soon
become evident and fixed if proper error output is posted.


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