Glibc build

Andrew Friedley saai at
Mon Sep 9 10:48:24 PDT 2002

> Well, it looks like it has finally come to this. Apparently, to accomodate
> those who do not read and understand, but only cut and paste, and don't
> even research, think and guess when the error message appears, it is time
> to replace the "<architecture>" in the glibc commands with something like
>   <you-better-put-your-CPU-type-here-or-you-will-see-an-error-message>
> *Sigh*
> Bill Maltby
> billm at

no way. hell no.  if a person cant be bothered to read the book they not
only dont need to be doing lfs but they dont deserve our free tech support
either.  These people are not even worthy of getting any kind of response
telling them so.


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