Installing GCC-3.2 problem.

Greg Schafer gschafer at
Mon Sep 9 20:36:23 PDT 2002

On Mon, Sep 09, 2002 at 07:20:50PM -0500, Kelledin wrote:
> > It makes more sense to leave it in for Ch 6 (even though at
> > least one person on this list previously said it was fine to
> > not use them in Ch 6 either).
> I say leave it out for chapter 6 as well.  If someone compiles 
> software "such-and-such" in chapter 6, then gcc does the 
> fixincludes, then someone upgrades such-and-such later, anything 
> that wants to build against such-and-such's headers could end up 
> being farked.  Basically the fixincludes could cause things to 
> be compiled using system headers that really aren't in sync with 
> their accompanying system libraries.
> Any problem where the fixincludes stuff might save our butts is 
> probably better solved by fixing the problematic headers 
> directly.  Besides which, I've never seen anything die from lack 
> of the "fixes," and I've been riding without the "fixed" headers 
> for ages.

Oh well, that makes it 2 people :-)

Cool, that'll make the patch simple as well. ie: same for Ch 5 & 6.

As an aside, I note that recent 3.3 builds are installing the
fixincludes stuff into:-


so one can run it afterwards (I assume). But this is in the future

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