Educational value of hints

Jim Gifford giffordj at
Wed Sep 11 18:15:47 PDT 2002

I agree with Tim. When I first started using LFS a year ago. I knew nothing
about how to create linux, but I was very familar on intergration of
components in a unix environment. My goal was to learn, they only way to
learn is to try. One thing I remember Gerard told me in the beginning, was
to READ!!!!! and follow the directions.

>From what I have seen lately in the posts is. Why do I get this error, is
this error serious, how do I, and what does this mean? If you don't read the
documentation that is provided, how do you learn.

You must read the documentation is the bottom line. If you don't know how to
do something research it first on you system. man (command) gives you a lot
of information.

"Tushar Teredesai" <tush at> wrote in message
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> <from lfs.hint>
> Timothy Bauscher wrote:
> >Just a reminder: Hints should be educational documentation,
> >not simple install instructions.
> >
> Lot of people keep forgetting that!
> I get reports for my hints: "You don't mention how to apply the patch"
> or "You don't OOSRC variable but use it", etc. If after a successful
> compilation of LFS, the user doesn't know how to apply a patch, I guess
> he didn't learn anything! Something similar to the handholding you were
> mentioning.
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