new version of lfs and glibc

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Wed Sep 11 19:22:07 PDT 2002

On September 5, 2002 01:51 am, Allen Brooker wrote:
> Becauise otherwise we'd be eternally waiting the next release of this, that
> and the other. You have to release some time. From what I've seen the
> current release seems to be much more stable now and most of the problems
> have seen worked out.

That's one reason. The other, more prominent, reason is a personal choice I 
have to make. I'm moving across-country on Monday. Going to take us about 5 
days to drive from Ontario-Canada to Alberta-Canada (it can be done in 3 days 
if you want to, but we're taking our time. It's also our holiday so going to 
do some sightseeing, etc). Once we get there, we'll have to get settled in, 
unpack things, get high speed Internet and more of that stuff. After Monday I 
don't expect to be online doing any work for a week or two, maybe even more. 
So that's why I want to get LFS-4.0 out before I move. That means it'll be 
released on Friday (the day after tomorrow) unless I really can't wrap the 
book up reasonably. I'll do my best. If not Friday it'll be, regretablly, 
postponed for another month or so. That's not fair either, you guys've been 
waiting enough as it is.

Gerard Beekmans

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