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Lars Kongshøj lars_kongshoj at
Thu Sep 12 03:28:02 PDT 2002

Greg Schafer wrote:
> It seems that the sourceforge one is indeed where (slow) new development
> is happening. But for now, prolly best bet is to stick with what we already
> have, but also keep an eye on the SF one for future developments.
> What was the bug and did you find a fix?

I changed my procps-installation to the official procps several months
ago, because a bug in the lfs/redhat top made it crash with seg fault at
startup. As far as I remember, that top didn't take into account, that
the meaning of "." and "," are different in many international locales
than in the C locale.

I found some international patch for the Redhat mangled procps, but I
also found the official procps without the bug, and it works fine here.

Lars Kongshøj
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