sulogin (was: Re: cvs commit: LFS/BOOK/chapter06 config-sysvinit.xml)

Christophe Devine devine at
Thu Sep 12 11:25:43 PDT 2002

> > -su:S016:respawn:/sbin/sulogin
> > +su:S016:once:/sbin/sulogin

> Hrm, shouldn'it be 'wait' instead ?
> su:S016:wait:/sbin/sulogin

Quoting inittab(5) :

       wait   The process will be started once when the specified
              runlevel is entered and init will wait for its ter-

       once   The  process  will be executed once when the speci-
              fied runlevel is entered.

IMO it make more sense to have init waiting for sulogin to terminate;
this way we are sure it does not go on loading other scripts while the
root shell is still running.

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