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Jens Gutzeit jensemann at
Thu Sep 12 16:40:44 PDT 2002

Am Fri, 13 Sep 2002 01:27:45 +0200
Nicolas FRANCOIS (AKA El Bofo) <nicolas.francois at> schrieb:
> I come from the old system and never got the chance to understand the
> new one. You mean BLFS-support, don't you ?

I mean lfs-support at It's for support for the LFS
base system, lfs-dev ist only for LFS development. blfs-dev is for
support for beyond LFS.

> Anyway, a "mount -a" from outside the boot works fine, the script
> works fine when launched in a terminal... All my mount points look
> present, don't they ?

I can't check that your mount points are present ;-), but if it works
with mount -a this should be ok. Which version of LFS do you use? sounds
like a bug in the boot scripts.

> Sorry for inconvenience on the wrong source of problem : it's not
> REALLY a build problem, I agree, but I felt it more convenient here
> than in BLFS.

see above.

> \bye

best regards

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