glibc/gcc patches

Jack Brown jbrown at
Fri Sep 13 06:50:37 PDT 2002


When Greg's patches were commited to the book (a good thing btw) people
voiced concern over the fact that they were included as one monolithic
patch, making certain thing more difficult than if the patches were
seperate.  (ie. testing out new ways of patching certain issues while
leaving other parts alone, perhaps while working on future versions of the
book for instance).  I realize that having multiple patches for one package
might make thing difficult or confusiong for novice LFSers, so I was
wondering if the seperated patches relating to whichever patches are
included in the book could be stored somewhere on the LFS servers.  this way
if Greg's pages go down or are changed in the future, then the seperate
patches will still be available to LFS users.  (for instance if gcc 3.3 were
to be released then probably the gcc 3.2 patches will be removed from Greg's
page, and LFS users would left with only the monolithic patch)

Jack Brown

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