CVS contains LFS-4.0

Matthias Benkmann matthias at
Sat Sep 14 03:28:38 PDT 2002

On Fri, 13 Sep 2002 23:09:21 -0400 Gerard Beekmans
<gerard at> wrote:

> But, if I don't release it tonight we'll all have to wait a lot longer.

Who is "we" ?  It seems to me that this refers to "the bleeding edge
freaks on lfs-dev". But these have been using CVS LFS for a long time
already so the above statement is simply not true. If "we" is supposed to
include normal LFS end users, what makes you think they're anxiously
waiting for LFS 4.0? Because it uses a GCC that causes a lot of problems
with some non-LFS packages (especially precompiled)? Because of the
/static build method whose benefits most LFSers don't care about?

I can understand that you are excited about releasing the next big step
forward in the history of LFS, but I think you are making a mistake. There
are 2 groups of LFS users:

group 1 wants to have the most uptodate system, even if it will mean
having to solve some problems

group 2 is conservative and wants the system that will give them the least

Group 1 has always used the CVS system and will continue to use it. Group
2 on the other hand prefers the "stable" version.

I think that ATM LFS 3.3 is still the best system for group 2 (glibc
security patches should probably be added). Rushing LFS 4.0 now would make
things worse for group 2, its main audience.

There's one important thing you should keep in mind. Group 2 is mostly
silent. A large majority of these people never reads any LFS mailing
lists. Of those who read them, few ever post. A lot probably don't even
visit the website. They download LFS from and just use it and throw it away if something fails. A lot
of these people are first-timers.

Waiting a month or even 2 can only benefit these people. LFS 3.3 works
fine. There won't be any trouble with it. There's going to be a lot more
trouble with LFS 4.0, especially if it is rushed now. If you absolutely
want to release LFS 4.0 now, call it "LFS 4.0beta" and keep LFS 3.3 on the
site next to it. Do not replace the version yet.
This way, LFS 4.0 will get more exposure but people will be prepared to
encounter some trouble and those who don't visit and
don't read the mailing lists will keep using 3.3 which ATM is the system
that causes the least trouble.


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