Minor (unneeded?) omission in LFS 2002-0914?

Archaic archaic at comcast.net
Sat Sep 14 21:16:02 PDT 2002

On Sat, Sep 14, 2002 at 11:46:44PM -0400, Bill Maltby LFS Related wrote:
> Pretty much agree. Put, IIRC, $LFS/static/usr/src is only an *example*
> suggested in the book. As mentioned in many previous threads, they can
> work in other areas. So, it seems to me that a *mention* should be made
> that they need to assure permissions "for whatever work directory will
> receive the untarred sources", or similar.

This is where I diverge on opinion. First, even if $LFS/static/usr/src
is an example, the book seems to use that as a default, yet doesn't
create the directory early enough. As far as other build directories,
the user should not be building in /usr/src. We shouldn't change
permissions. That is the whole reason for the 'lfs' user. If he feels
like building in his home directory, fine. I don't think the book should
deal with that stuff. The one thing that surprises me the most is the
page that shows how to untar stuff. It has been mentioned by Gerard that
hand-holding in his opinion wasn't desired, so that page is just a
invitation to people who have no idea of what they are doing. 

Let me re-iterate my experience; It's been almost one year since I built
LFS.  My only Linux experience until then was 3 days of Redhat, plus a
few hours each with Slackware and Mandrake. The only thing that kept me
from asking newb questions was the desire to learn and the willingness
to read. Included in that is reading the rules for posting which mention
the archives, FAQ, etc... I (in disgust) have stated I don't think LFS
is for newbs. That wasn't exactly a clear statement. I should have said
(and I wholeheartedly believe) that LFS isn't intended for the newb who
wants answers spoon-fed to him. We are perpetuating this now as the
commands are so complete that no assumptions on prior knowledge are
made. You can literally follow the directions and come out with a shiny
new LFS without having a clue as to what you did to get it. And to those
whose desire it is to see less newb error support requests while
building, it's still bogus. Then you just have people asking questions
about package foo when the install or readme file mentions the answer.
In other words, getting a spoon-fed type user through the build without
problems only leads to blfs problems and redundant questioning there.


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