Cannot release LFS-4 sorry guys - got injured at work today...

Rob Park rbpark at
Sat Sep 14 22:22:34 PDT 2002

Alas! Gerard Beekmans spake thus:
> Again I do apologize. I know most of you guys will understand and say no big 
> deal. But it still bothers me greatly.

Don't sweat it, just release quality material and I'm sure we'll find it
in our hearts to forgive you ;)

Just kidding, of course -- we all know LFS rocks, and always will.

> I don't take making promises lightly 
> and having no control over the situation is frustrating.

Exactly -- you don't have control over the situation, you couldn't
possibly release LFS 4.0 if your life depended on it, so stop worrying
about it. We'll survive for a couple weeks without you.

Now stop writing emails and go heal that back of yours!

Rob 'Feztaa' Park
	If you're looking for trouble, I can offer you a wide selection.
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