Cannot release LFS-4 sorry guys - got injured at work today...

Jim Gifford giffordj at
Sun Sep 15 00:23:56 PDT 2002

    I hope you get back on your feet soon. I've been in a simlar situation,
just take your time and rest!!!


"Gerard Beekmans" <gerard at> wrote in message
news:200209150004.41584.gerard at
I am _very_ sorry to have to say this. After all this postponing and talking
about releasing for sure before I move, I get this happening. Earlier today
at work I did something wrong and I really hurt my back. I don't know what
is. Maybe it's just a simple case of pulled muscle, but I can't do much with
my arms, I can't take a deep breath and I can't twist my body around using
hip joints. It even hurts sitting in this chair typing this. I'm in no
condition of doing any prolonged work to release the book. Tomorrow after
work I have to pack up the computers and get ready to leave first thing
Monday morning.

So, I'm hereby unfreezing CVS and you (editors) guys can start making
again. I'm requesting not to do any package updates, just get the current
stuff worked out whatever issues may come up. At this point I cannot make a
new deadline because I don't even have an Internet connection setup yet. We
all know them Internet guys can take a while to come by and do their thing
(I'll have to get a modem so I can at least use dial-up).

Again I do apologize. I know most of you guys will understand and say no big
deal. But it still bothers me greatly. I don't take making promises lightly
and having no control over the situation is frustrating. I really feel like
Jesse: things feel they're getting stale and the wait's getting way too
Can't even do an LFS-4-pre1 release or something to that effect. I have to
sign off now. If I don't get a chance to email tomorrow, then good bye for
now guys. I hope to at least touch base in about a week and a half's time.

Gerard Beekmans

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