Minor (unneeded?) omission in LFS 2002-0914?

Sven Hartenstein mail at svenhartenstein.de
Sun Sep 15 05:42:19 PDT 2002


time for a prototypical "group 2 member" like me, i.e. someone who
started with LFS with relatively little linux knowledge, to take a vote
for the future direction of LFS.  :-)

* Matthias Benkmann <matthias at winterdrache.de>:
> People who don't know how to unpack a tarball have no business with
> LFS.
I agree 95%.

> All the people who want to dumb down LFS more and more for the sake of
> "learning value"
(Why in quotation marks? Do you think this argument is only an excuse?)

> seem to think that LFS is the only way to learn stuff about Linux.
I do not agree. Nobody thinks so, I guess. LFS for me was and still is
a great (Read: the best so far) source for learning about Linux. But of
course it doesn't teach everything. I read a lot of other sources
before, during, and after building my first LFS system!

> And it's definitely not the best way to learn about Linux essentials
> like cp, tar, gzip.
I agree.

> We need to raise the LFS bar again.

> Stuff like the "How to install the software" section needs to be
> kicked out without replacement.
I disagree. Though I knew how to use tar, this section helped me a lot
by just telling me, that I'm doing it correctly. This sounds silly, but
for newbies it's good just to see that they are on the right track.

If you kick it out, I would suggest a page on "what skills you should
have before starting: tar, cp, ..." and pointing to sources where to
learn it. 

Again, I started with LFS after only few month slackware experience, and
I hardly use anything else now. I would like to see that this is
possible for people like me in the future as well.

I would be interested to hear why this is a problem at all. (Sorry if
this shows ignorance.)


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