Minor (unneeded?) omission in LFS 2002-0914?

Sven Hartenstein mail at svenhartenstein.de
Sun Sep 15 07:57:52 PDT 2002

* Matthias Benkmann <matthias at winterdrache.de>:
> > > We need to raise the LFS bar again.
> > Why?
> Because [...]
Thanks for the explanations! Maybe I was too quick with mailing my

> You don't let people go skydiving if they haven't had the proper
> training on the ground first.
Sounds reasonable. :-) (I didn't know LFS is that dangerous...).

> I say that we should make it hard for people without ground training
> to get on our plane.
Ok, but the message should never be "go away, you know too little" but
instead "read this and that and then come back" IMHO!

> > for newbies it's good just to see that they are on the right track.
> The Linux Users' guide and the Software-Installation-HOWTO serve this
> purpose just fine.
Sounds like I should (have) read them... :-)

> > If you kick it out, I would suggest a page on "what skills you should
> > have before starting: tar, cp, ..." and pointing to sources where to
> > learn it. 
> I agree. See the "Get rid..." thread where I suggest just that.

> by requiring people to learn from the proper sources before they can
> start with LFS the overall learning experience will be improved.
Hope so! Keep this goal in mind!



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