error compiling grep in chapter 5

Dieter Schmitz dieter.schmitz at
Sun Sep 15 06:35:08 PDT 2002


I get the following error at grep in chapter 5 by make.

grep.texi:31: Unknown command `command'.
grep.texi:31: Misplaced {.
grep.texi:31: Misplaced }.
grep.texi:88: No matching `@end ifnottex'.
grep.texi:92: Unknown command `command'.
grep.texi:92: Misplaced {.
grep.texi:92: Misplaced }.
grep.texi:95: Unknown command `command'.
grep.texi:95: Misplaced {.
grep.texi:95: Misplaced }.
grep.texi:96: Unmatched `@end'.
grep.texi:100: Unknown command `command'.
grep.texi:100: Misplaced {.
grep.texi:100: Misplaced }.
grep.texi:101: Unknown command `command'.
grep.texi:101: Misplaced {.
grep.texi:101: Misplaced }.
grep.texi:102: Unknown command `command'.
grep.texi:102: Misplaced {.
grep.texi:102: Misplaced }.
grep.texi:108: Unknown command `command'.
grep.texi:108: Misplaced {.
grep.texi:108: Misplaced }.
grep.texi:118: Unknown command `command'.
grep.texi:118: Misplaced {.
grep.texi:118: Misplaced }.
grep.texi:124: Unknown command `command'.
grep.texi:124: Misplaced {.
grep.texi:124: Misplaced }.
grep.texi:128: Unknown command `command'.
grep.texi:128: Misplaced {.
grep.texi:128: Misplaced }.
grep.texi:134: Unknown command `command'.
grep.texi:134: Misplaced {.
grep.texi:134: Misplaced }.
grep.texi:135: Unknown command `command'.
grep.texi:135: Misplaced {.
grep.texi:135: Misplaced }.
grep.texi:212: Unknown command `command'.
grep.texi:212: Misplaced {.
grep.texi:212: Misplaced }.
grep.texi:213: Unknown command `command'.
grep.texi:213: Misplaced {.
grep.texi:213: Misplaced }.
grep.texi:214: Unknown command `command'.
grep.texi:214: Misplaced {.
grep.texi:214: Misplaced }.
grep.texi:215: Unknown command `command'.
grep.texi:215: Misplaced {.
grep.texi:215: Misplaced }.
grep.texi:216: Unknown command `command'.
grep.texi:216: Misplaced {.
grep.texi:216: Misplaced }.
grep.texi:282: Unknown command `command'.
grep.texi:282: Misplaced {.
grep.texi:282: Misplaced }.
grep.texi:296: Unknown command `command'.
grep.texi:296: Misplaced {.
grep.texi:296: Misplaced }.
grep.texi:299: Unknown command `command'.
grep.texi:299: Misplaced {.
grep.texi:299: Misplaced }.
grep.texi:301: Unknown command `command'.
grep.texi:301: Misplaced {.
grep.texi:301: Misplaced }.
grep.texi:313: Unknown command `command'.
grep.texi:313: Misplaced {.
grep.texi:313: Misplaced }.
grep.texi:337: Unknown command `command'.
grep.texi:337: Misplaced {.
grep.texi:337: Misplaced }.
grep.texi:340: Unknown command `command'.
grep.texi:340: Misplaced {.
grep.texi:340: Misplaced }.
grep.texi:367: Unknown command `command'.
grep.texi:367: Misplaced {.
grep.texi:367: Misplaced }.
grep.texi:435: Unknown command `command'.
grep.texi:435: Misplaced {.
grep.texi:435: Misplaced }.
grep.texi:460: Unknown command `command'.
grep.texi:460: Misplaced {.
grep.texi:460: Misplaced }.
grep.texi:462: Unknown command `command'.
grep.texi:462: Misplaced {.
grep.texi:462: Misplaced }.
grep.texi:464: Unknown command `command'.
grep.texi:464: Misplaced {.
grep.texi:464: Misplaced }.
grep.texi:466: Unknown command `command'.
grep.texi:466: Misplaced {.
grep.texi:466: Misplaced }.
grep.texi:481: Unknown command `command'.
grep.texi:481: Misplaced {.
grep.texi:481: Misplaced }.
grep.texi:483: Unknown command `command'.
grep.texi:483: Misplaced {.
grep.texi:483: Misplaced }.
grep.texi:500: Unknown command `command'.
grep.texi:500: Misplaced {.
Too many errors!  Gave up.
make[2]: *** [] Error 1
make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make: *** [all] Error 2

When i run make again i'm getting no errors. Any ideas what`s the orgin
of this problem?

Best Regards
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