[lfs-dev] Re: small typos

Silas Reign srain at frii.com
Sun Sep 15 06:49:08 PDT 2002

On Sun, 15 Sep 2002, Greg Schafer wrote:

> "Also, don't pass the --enable-kernel option to the configure script. It's
> known to cause segmentation faults when other packages like fileutils, make
> and tar are linked against it."
> is directly related to the same issue and thus is also bogus.

I was having quite a few issues with the --enable-kernel options (added
according to your lfs tweaks page).  Gcc was failing on make bootstrap under
CVS 20020901(ish).  Prior to that I was getting segfaults on random packages
in chapter 6 (binutils, fileutils, etc).  The only differences between what
I was doing and the CVS was the --enable-kernel option.

My base build system was a stock slackware 8.0 install, and I even d/l'd and
upgraded to slack 8.1 in an attempt to get a successful lfs build.  I got
so frustrated, I almost gave up on lfs, but I waited for a few days and built
CVS 20020911 successfully leaving out the --enable-kernel option according to
the warning, so I do think there was something wrong related to that warning.

Considering the fact glibc takes about 12 hours to build on my system, I was
getting pretty sick of getting only 10-15% through chapter 6 before the wheels
fell off. ;)

Silas Reign

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