Get rid of (information for) lazy people

Paul W. Adams zrexx12r at
Sun Sep 15 07:50:08 PDT 2002

                After 23 years in IT & T support, I may be able to shed some
light on why people may not have done the 'preparatory work as thoroughly
as you are capable of.
1. Pressure of deadline
2. Uncertainty of where to start.
3. Confusion as to purpose and intent of product.
4. Peer pressure.
etc, etc.
all of which may be mistaken for laziness.
I am not sure what your metric is for the measurement of others'
laziness, I am sure such a judgement has been carefully evaluated,
but in the 3,789 emails that I have received from ALFS, BLFS, & LFS
since I started using LFS 3 months ago, I have been unable to find an
example of 'laziness'... still as you get older, you have a greater memory
of your own failings.

Kind Regards,

Paul W. Adams
aka  'great-grandfather programmer from hell'

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> Dear Matthias,
>         Matthias Benkmann wrote:
>         > My personal opinion is that the whole section "Where to store
>         > downloaded software" should be kicked together with the "How to
>         > the software" section. There is NO justification WHATSOEVER for
>         > sections. There are howtos that explain this much better, such
as the
>         > Software-Building-HOWTO. I think the LFS book should start with
a section
>         > like this:
>         >
>         > Things you should read before reading the LFS book:
>         >
>         > Software-Building-HOWTO
>         >
>         > Linux Users' Guide
>         >
> I find it a great idea to refer to good lecture one should read before
> beginning at LFS. But i dont understand what you mean whit NO
> WHATSOEVER concerning the where to store the software.
>         >
>         > And I mean it. You should not attempt to build LFS without
having the
>         > knowledge contained in the above 2 documents. It is NOT LFS's
JOB toteach
>         > this knowledge.
> Of course its LFS's job and goal; read the chapter about who should read
> this book: "...The most important reason for LFS's existence is teaching
> people how a Linux system works internally. ... "
>         >The above howto/guides are well-written andcomprehensive.
>         > They ship with most distros. They are much better material for
>         > the necessary fundamentals than the LFS book ever was and ever
will be.
> > Yes, telling people to read this stuff is going to scare away some of
> > them. It's going to scare away all the people who are lazy and prefer
> > wasting everyone else's time on lfs-support to learning stuff
> > Good riddance!
> Do you really believe lazy people who arent intrested in linuz wast one
> second on LFS. I dont believe in this lazy stuff: yekyekyek LOL
> >
> > And if we make this change, we can probably simplify a lot of the rest
> > the book, too, because we don't have to consider Joe Ignorant anymore.
> Dont forget: you where once Joe Ignorant.
> >
> > MSB
> >
> --
> Max van de Wiel
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