Minor (unneeded?) omission in LFS 2002-0914?

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at swbell.net
Sun Sep 15 09:06:43 PDT 2002

Archaic wrote:

>So how about removing the commands for how to unpack and such and just
>put in man <command> or a link to something (I would prefer built-in
>info as much as possible to help the people who pay by the kB to surf
>the web) and then something to the effect of "we assume you run the
>package install commands from within their source directory". 
>It seems that if you know how to unpack, you will know what the term
>'source' is and where it is located (and what it's named) after
>unpacking.  Likewise, if you are one who is truly interested in learning
>and don't know about this stuff you will read the manpages or links
>provided and play with it until you do know what to do. Then when
>someone asks how to untar something, it will be instantly obvious that
>that person ignored the book (and the FAQ, the archives, etc....).
>This book is a great learning tool for advanced topics, yet with people
>willing to research, this mailinglist is a possibly greater tool for the
>newb if for no other reason than people are willing to point others to
>info. There was a thread several months ago (IIRC) where I pointed out
>that if a newbie had no idea how to do something, chances are he doesn't
>know about the manpage, and I for one have been eternally grateful for
>pointers like that. This community is helpful and I have no intentions
>of not being helpful. When the questions call for it, I reply with a
>simple man foo or www.whatever.com. I don't try to give the direct
>answer as that doesn't seem purposeful for learning. Then when someone
>has a problem beyond that, there are always plenty of people here with
>the knowledge to walk through it until it is solved.
>I'm in total agreement with Matthias. It's not a "Get lost, newbie!"
>attitude, it's just hard to say what you mean without someone taking it
>the wrong way. I mean no one ill will, but that doesn't stop my words
>from being interpreted that way. Emoticons are only good to a point. ;)
I think you and Matthias are going slightly too far.  If we were 
discussing putting in the section in the first place, I would probably 
agree with you.  Now that the section is there, I don't think it hurts 
anything.  The page is short and to the point. It also serves as a 
refresher for those that are almost newbies but have enough background 
for LFS.  Also there are some things in the section that are needed.  An 
example is that package directories should be deleted and reextracted 
before rebuilding.  The section does need to be updated, because it 
refers to putting sources in $LFS/usr/src before it is created.
  -- Bruce

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