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Tushar Teredesai tush at
Sun Sep 15 09:22:34 PDT 2002

Max van de Wiel wrote:

>Tushar Teredesai wrote:
>>Max van de Wiel wrote:
>>>Of course its LFS's job and goal; read the chapter about who should read
>>>this book: "...The most important reason for LFS's existence is teaching
>>>people how a Linux system works internally. ... "
>>No its not! If one doesn't understand how Linux works externally, how
>>can the person appreciate the internals! If I have never driven a car,
>>opening the car to see how the internal parts are connected won't mean
>>anything to me.
>Yes it would; cease you can be intrested in the in-depth technics of the 
>car, not being intrested in driving one!!!
Yeah, but they will never be able to appreciate it!

In college, would anyone allow me to take a Advanced Java Course if I 
don't have any knowledge of Java? There are steps to learning.

>Anyways: I thought open source ws to prevent people from investing to much 
>time learning the same things autodidact. The thing is; you can learn 
>faster exchanging knowlidge if you share your competence whit others. 
>Anyone could learn to compile a linux system from scratch; you dont need 
>LFS for it; what i am saying is: you are telling all these support stuff is 
>useless ceause someone can gain the knowlidge by reading a lot. LOL twice
No one ever meant that the support stuff is not useless:) If the 
regulars on the mailing lists keep seeing the same errors in the 
newsgroups which could have been easily solved by the person by looking 
at the FAQ, archives, or man pages, they get bored. Check out the "How 
to Post to NewsGroups" by RMS, interesting reading. Don't have the link 
right now.

>>>>Yes, telling people to read this stuff is going to scare away some of
>>>>them. It's going to scare away all the people who are lazy and prefer
>>>>wasting everyone else's time on lfs-support to learning stuff themselves.
>>>>Good riddance!
>>>Do you really believe lazy people who arent intrested in linuz wast one
>>>second on LFS. I dont believe in this lazy stuff: yekyekyek LOL
>>By lazy people, I think he is referring to people who get an error,
>>don't try to understand what it is and post to the support lists.
>You can dig into huge paperwork and finaly find out what went wrong; but 
>whats the use when someone else has the answer to it; it comes to this; you 
>share what you know or dont participate.
Because if I complete your assignment for you, you will never learn. And 
usually when someone says "RTFM", the answer is usually in the obvious 
places where you don't have to wade thru huge paperwork to get to it. I 
have seen people who don't even read the README that comes with the 
package and ask questions that are answered prominently in the README. I 
would term those people as lazy since they did not even bother to do a 
simple "ls" to see what files were included with the package.

>>>>And if we make this change, we can probably simplify a lot of the rest of
>>>>the book, too, because we don't have to consider Joe Ignorant anymore.
>>>Dont forget: you where once Joe Ignorant.
>>Yeah, that is why we started with distros that held our hand initially
>>(Slackware, Mandrake, etc.)
>You wont lern a thing from these distro's except the special rules which 
>come whit each of them.
You would, especially with a distro like Slackware where I started. I 
don't have much experience with other distros, so cannot comment, but I 
believe they would also provide similar exposure.

>>Just my opinion.
>>I think the part about LFS goals should be changed to add "people who
>>have some expeirience in using and maintaining linux".

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