Get rid of (information for) lazy people

Max van de Wiel maxvandewiel at
Sun Sep 15 11:40:31 PDT 2002

Archaic wrote:

> On Sun, Sep 15, 2002 at 07:47:28PM +0200, Max van de Wiel wrote:
>> Anyways: I thought open source was to prevent people from investing to
>> much time learning the same things autodidact. The thing is; you can
>> learn
> Seems we've come to the root of the problem. Open source means many
> things to many people, yet from what I understand it is a means of
> allowing others to offer ideas to yours to possibly make better
> software. Yet, as a maintainer of a project, that doesn't mean that you
> are required to implement someone else's idea. After all, the idea may
> not be better at all.
>> LFS for it; what i am saying is: you are telling all these support
>> stuff is useless ceause someone can gain the knowlidge by reading a
>> lot. LOL twice
> What is useless is someone asking how do I do this, and getting a quick
> and easy answer without researching. One year later, if the problem
> shows up again, a person is much less likely to remember the fix without
> reading the archives or asking again because they don't understand the
> underlying problem and they skipped leaning the fundamentals.

Who says that if someone asks for a question he's just out for a quick 
answer: The answers who are given should explain the underlying problem 
this problem occured giving someone a chance to learn something instead of 
copying the sollution. Off course,... if someones answer doesnt tell you 
the underlying problem you can ask for it in a reply. If someone doesnt 
want to tell you more or just only knows a possible sollution, you can look 
in other places to find the answer.

>> You can dig into huge paperwork and finaly find out what went wrong;
>> but whats the use when someone else has the answer to it; it comes to
>> this; you share what you know or dont participate.
> We are sharing what we know. We know that if someone doesn't understand
> ls or it's switches, then 'man ls' is the perfect solution to their
> problems (usually).
So you can just tell this as an answer,... its better just than complaining 
about someones competence in Linux,.... 
>> > (Slackware, Mandrake, etc.)
>> You wont lern a thing from these distro's except the special rules
>> which come whit each of them.
> Until I built LFS, everything I knew was from those distro's. man and
> info were both included and the man and info pages were there. I was
> set. Then I built LFS, learned a little about the process, built it
> again while changing some stuff, learn a bit more, built it again,
> etc... all the while reading these emails. I read even the ones that
> were complete greek to me. Now that I've been doing it awhile, I'm even
> able to at least grasp all those Greg Shafer postings (still don't
> understand all the stuff, but I'm not completely lost). :)
You are right about this,... its just that i am getting a litle sick off 
people complaining about someones question. questions are free, as you are 
free to answer them or not. 

Max van de Wiel
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