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Sun Sep 15 14:13:16 PDT 2002

"Mark Ellis" <mark.uzumati at> wrote in message
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> I have a minor concern about how we install the kernel headers at the
> start of chapter 6, or rather what we dont install later on. At present
> /usr/include/linux/autoconf.h is an empty file created with touch after
> copying the headers from an essentially unconfigured kernel tree.
> I just came across a missing define used by microcode_ctl, the Intel
> microcode update utility, CONFIG_X86_L1_CACHE_SHIFT, which should come
> from autoconf.h (via linux/config.h via asm/processor.h). I wouldn't
> even have noticed this, since the makefile includes
> /usr/src/linux/include, if the kernel tree top dir hadn't been changed
> to linux-$VERSION.
> Probably not a big deal since its never come up before, but for a sense
> of tidiness i propose copying autoconf.h, and while we're there
> compile.h, to /usr/include/linux after the kernel build in chapter 8.
> Any thoughts ?
Thanks - you have just explained why I am having some problems. The LVM
user space tools, (and some of my own stuff) uses the kernels's doubly
linked lists. This works on my 'stable' system which has proper kernel
headers in /usr/include, but not on my 'test' system, which is much
closer to CVS Version 20020912.

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