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Max van de Wiel maxvandewiel at
Mon Sep 16 01:37:11 PDT 2002

Rob Park wrote:
> No, Open Source is about sharing ideas for the purpose of making
> software better, in general. It's a political ideology that opposes
> software patents, for example. It has nothing to do with end-user
> support, per se.

> If you don't want to invest too much time learning, get Mandrake.

I am learning learning very hard my friend and I have no intention of 
stopping with it. I am determent to learn Linux and I like to do this the 
hard way: Maybe later,.. when i have knowllidge enough to choose a distro I 
will choose for mandrake.
>> The thing is; you can learn
>> faster exchanging knowlidge if you share your competence whit others.
> True. But it is wasteful for every newbie that comes along to ask the
> same questions, when they are answered in the manuals, or the FAQs, or
> the READMEs, or the man pages, or the info pages, or the email archives,
> or the HOWTOs, etc etc.
> The answer to the question "How do I make ls have color output, like my
> host distro?" (for example) is faster answered by ls's manpage than by
> asking the list. Similarly, if we spent all of our time answering this
> question (and similar), we'd have no time to answer the really
> *interesting* questions.
>> what i am saying is: you are telling all these support stuff is
>> useless ceause someone can gain the knowlidge by reading a lot.
> Yes, exactly. Don't waste our time by asking simple questions; we will
> get bored and stop answering you. Do some research on your own, find out
> the answer and *learn* the solution. Then the lists become more
> interesting, and less time is wasted.

No problem,... I do lots of own research. I am not intending to do delay 
communication though i will drop the question anyway.

> Notice that I didn't start with LFS; if I had, I would have been totally
> confused by all the strange commands that I wouldn't have known about --
> like "tar", or "ls".
I am not getting confused by the "strange" commands you are talking about; i 
am used to code, only in a different language,.... what i am doing here is 
just learning a language and it happens to be Linux.

Max van de Wiel
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