[lfs-dev] Re: small typos

Greg Schafer gschafer at zip.com.au
Mon Sep 16 06:20:02 PDT 2002

On Sun, Sep 15, 2002 at 07:49:08AM -0600, Silas Reign wrote:
> I was having quite a few issues with the --enable-kernel options (added
> according to your lfs tweaks page).  Gcc was failing on make bootstrap under
> CVS 20020901(ish).  Prior to that I was getting segfaults on random packages
> in chapter 6 (binutils, fileutils, etc).  The only differences between what
> I was doing and the CVS was the --enable-kernel option.

Hmm, gcc failures are usually hardware related. Random package segfaults also
smell like hardware probs. The --enable-kernel option does indeed enable some
advanced hardware features (eg: LDT's) so it is possible this may have
triggered the failures you saw.

> My base build system was a stock slackware 8.0 install, and I even d/l'd and
> upgraded to slack 8.1 in an attempt to get a successful lfs build.  I got

I don't trust slackware. I have no hard and fast evidence, but I have
recollections of them making some fundamental mistakes WRT gcc/glibc issues
whereby if they had of been following the gcc/glibc lists then they would have
known about the issues and taken the appropriate action. I'm only speculating
so they may well have lifted their game lately.

Thousands of people have successfully used the option. It would be interesting
to see if you still have failures when using a different build host. If so,
then I maintain you have a hardware problem.

> so frustrated, I almost gave up on lfs, but I waited for a few days and built
> CVS 20020911 successfully leaving out the --enable-kernel option according to
> the warning, so I do think there was something wrong related to that warning.

The glibc maintainer recommends using the option. If it causes problems then
IMHO there is something deeper going on that needs investigation.

We LFS'ers are the perfect candidates to use --enable-kernel. We build our own
systems and thus don't really care about backwards compat', unlike your average

> Considering the fact glibc takes about 12 hours to build on my system, I was
> getting pretty sick of getting only 10-15% through chapter 6 before the wheels
> fell off. ;)

If it takes 12 hrs, I would just stick to the basics and not try anything even
remotely non-standard :)

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