Improve the LFS book for everyone

Richard A Downing FBCS richard.downing at
Mon Sep 16 15:10:55 PDT 2002

I agree with Matthias (I usually do) with regard to the LFS book.
However, I'd just like to point out (as another with 3+ decades in the 
Computing Industry, including early days entering programs in binary with 
switches and lights) that often finding the right thing to read at your 
current level of expertise is very difficult, so it's important to include 
pointers to relevant documents.
The trick is to define that 'relevant' - I found the LFS book exactly right 
for an old guy returning to Unix (which I knew in the '70s) after years on 
other non-posix systems, I'm not so sure it's right for a youngster who has 
only seen Windows or even Mandrake as a user.
It's not, after all, the building of a Unix system that's especially hard, 
it's configuring it to do something useful.

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