Get rid of (information for) lazy people

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Tue Sep 17 01:26:43 PDT 2002

I agree with you completely, but this is not the problem here. The point is that too much time is spent helping people who can easily help themselves if they just try. We are flooded with simple support questions and because of that we often dont see the really juicy posts that will teach all of us instead of just one person. This thread is about reducing the static so the clever posts gets more attention. That way everybody benefits more.

The need of the many must allways outweigh the need of the few.

John Nielsen

< I have come to respect the people who take the time to teach others about what they already know, to have the pleasure of knowing that they have somehow contributed ( as was told to me when I first became interested in UNIX/LINUX) was reason enough to participate, just as I WOULD when a customer took the time to ask me how thier car worked, it was the pleasure of SHARING KNOWLEDGE that is important, not self importance, right?

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