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> No, it's just the simple fact that XSLT was designed todo exactly what
> Gerard was talking about.  He had actually gotten everything working at
> one point, however given the current technologly and software, it
> requires several minutes to generate on today's hardware.  So it isn't
> quite practical right now.

Of course we could do it halfway, i.e. provide a browsable XML version of
the book on-line with a stylesheet generated via cgi. So people would fill
out a form about what kind of book they want and on submit they get an XML
document with a stylesheet that does the appropriate transformations. The
stylesheet is generated by a cgi (or if that is possible by JavaScript so
that it works off-line as well) that just sets some parameter assignments
in a default stylesheet and the actual rendering is left to the client. If
you're using an XML/XSL(T) capable browser such as Mozilla, this works
just as comfortable as HTML/CSS. 


p.s.: Where does the "several minutes" figure come from? Does it refer to
creating all variants of the book (including typeset postscript)? XSLT
transformations alone take no more than a few seconds even for a large
document (unless you're using an XSLT processor written in Java).

Ambition is a poor excuse for not having enough sense to be lazy.

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