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First of all, please do not send HTML postings to the list.
Also the "quoted-printable" is of questionable benefit.

>  I appreciate your    points on learning about cars before learning to
> drive them,  however I would like to point out that it takes three to
> five YEARS to learn the stuff about cars and I know that it takes about
> the same time (with work commitments etc) to learn any new thing or OS,

As someone else mentioned before, it's exactly the opposite:

People are being asked to get a driver's licence (basic UNIX knowledge)
before learning about the internals of the system (LFS). And it does
not take 3 years to get that basic knowledge.

>      thats what professional people like myself are for,     yet I show
> none of the snobbery that I have seen on this LFS thread in the last two
> days.

I did not see any snobbery. Some people were fed up with certain
questions on lfs-support and voiced their dissatisfaction.

Chapter 2 ("How to ask for help") provides the following link:

I am sure that some of the questions on lfs-support would not appear
if everyone had read that document. BTW, there's also a section
"Send questions in formats that are easy to understand"...

> I have come to respect the people who take the time to teach others
> about what they already know, to have the pleasure of knowing that they
> have somehow contributed ( as was told to me when I first became
> interested in UNIX/LINUX) was reason enough to participate, just as I
> WOULD when a customer took the time to ask me how thier car worked, it
> was the pleasure of SHARING KNOWLEDGE that is important, not self
> importance, right?

You don't know many lists or newsgroups, do you? Compared to other
lists/newsgroups people here are *extremely* friendly and patient.

> all upside down, these design 'feature's reflect the designers culture
> just as LINUX does, so be a little humble when you realise that you are
> the ones to help the new generation become better people and I take my
> hat off to those who can teach with wisdom and humility for they will
> save humanity.

People here are helpful. Some people who ask questions are lacking

Stefan Krah
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