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>Quick question:  Do you think someone who just saw a car should get a car 
>and build one from scratch?  After all, that's what the analogy is when you
>compare it to LFS.  Building a LFS system is like going to all the auto 
>stores, getting the parts, getting the chassis and body, and then building 
>car from those parts.  We expect that you actually know what the car is 

The Lfs book is a kit that has both instructions and the parts. With the 
current book you don't need to go to the auto parts stores because there is 
a package with them all.
To assemble the car you don't need to know how to drive.
A car mecanic may even be able to assemble an airplane if he had both the 
parts and the instrutions. That doesn't make him a pilot.

Just my 1.9999 eurocent answer.

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