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Goldman Michael sgmm at
Wed Sep 18 04:31:53 PDT 2002

Hi all!

May be this is not right place for this, but anyway:
When I subscribe mailing list, I'm starting to get enormous amounts of
email in my mail box. The point is that I dont have enough knowledge to
be helpful with most of the problems. So when I do have a problem, I
subscribe to list, ask question, get answer and unsubcribe. But when I want
to try to help others with their problems, all the options I see it to
search mailing lists archives for unanswered questions - and that is not
very handy.

Is there any way to use list archives without getting your mailbox

Suggestion : may be there will be some kind of web-forum that will be
synchronized with mail archives both ways. (i.e. any post to forum from
the web will be sent to mail archives and vise-versa)

Michael Goldman.
One can watch the sun through the telescope only twice in his life :
once with his right eye, and once with his left.

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