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The Lfs book is a kit that has both instructions and the parts. With the 
current book you don't need to go to the auto parts stores because there is 
a package with them all.
To assemble the car you don't need to know how to drive.
---------> True , it helps to have four years training though doesn't it?? would you like your doctor to work on your car and a mechanic to work on your brain with a spanner <g>  hell why not I have the manual<VBG>  pay me as much as the doc gets and I'll thow in someone else's brain for free..

Just my 1.9999 eurocent answer.


A car mecanic may even be able to assemble an airplane if he had both the 
parts and the instrutions. That doesn't make him a pilot.
---------------> true, but then we aint building planes that will kill you because we cannot find the engine as the  instructions are so badly written.

My pint with the last post was that because we are supposedly helping a new generation, we should be     patient and not snobs, a good sense of humour wouldn't kill now would it?? Just point those that have never seen those messages before in the right direction with out being nasty.... its not hard to do is it?

the reason windows got so big so fast was that the users didn't need a degree to work the machine, there hadto be a financial incentive for that and MS has kindly provided it, we should thank them for shooting themselves in the foot, dont you think?


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