Get rid of (information for) lazy people

Wim Villerius wim.villerius at
Thu Sep 19 02:44:59 PDT 2002

i wont start the discussion about ``what are lazy people'' again, but i
just wonder what could/should be considered as ``information for lazy

imo is a section about ``where to store the source''  not necessarely
beyond the scope of the LFS-book (but i like the best of both worlds,
so, a few words about and a few url's)

(eventually, these sections have 2 pt smaller font LOL)

i wonder what actually should be the \emph{educational value} of the book
(exept eventually those sections). is it advanced stuff only? (i think
Gerard should make that decision)

e.g. myself - always a bad example ;) - i still have some troubles finding
the good guide - and good girl, but that's something else, and sould be
considered off topic - so some url's/suggestions are welcome (no _i_ am
not asking for)

there are many guides 'n howto's. too bad, much of them are too bad. (i
think it would be handy to write a howto ``how to find the good how-to''
at least providing enough 'pulp' to educate relative new-be's, and - if
exists - additional 'expert' information.

the idea is somewhat vague, but maybe... a 'two-layered' book (or even
triple layered)
just the book, as is, without (much) information
a 'n00b'layer with all kind of nice stuff
and an 'advacend' layer, containing in dept information
(should i know how :P maybe fonttype/size, backgroundcolor, indents)

so far my thoughts,

it's up to you now :D


On Sun, 15 Sep 2002, Matthias Benkmann wrote:

My personal opinion is that the whole section "Where to store the
downloaded software" should be kicked together with the "How to install
the software" section. There is NO justification WHATSOEVER for these
sections. There are howtos that explain this much better, such as the
Software-Building-HOWTO. I think the LFS book should start with a section
like this:

Things you should read before reading the LFS book:


Linux Users' Guide

And I mean it. You should not attempt to build LFS without having the
knowledge contained in the above 2 documents. It is NOT LFS's JOB to teach
this knowledge. The above howto/guides are well-written and comprehensive.
They ship with most distros. They are much better material for teaching
the necessary fundamentals than the LFS book ever was and ever will be.

Yes, telling people to read this stuff is going to scare away some of
them. It's going to scare away all the people who are lazy and prefer
wasting everyone else's time on lfs-support to learning stuff themselves.
Good riddance!

And if we make this change, we can probably simplify a lot of the rest of
the book, too, because we don't have to consider Joe Ignorant anymore.


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