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> > Speaking of bzdiff and such, I noticed that there are no man entries for
> > bzcat and bunzip2, only for bzcat.  I wonder if there's a way to create
> man
> > aliases.  (My suspicion is "yes," so now I'm hunting THAT down.  Isn't
> this
> > fun?)
> Well, that was easy enough.
> cd /usr/man/man1
> ln -s bzip2.1 bunzip2.1
> ln -s bzip2.1 bzcat.1
> Interesting that the bzip install doesn't make those links.

As much as I think those links should be there, I'd call it a bug in the
bzip make file rather than a bug in the lfs book.  So should the book
resolve that, or should we lobby the bzip people to update their make file?
Perhaps both?

Ji<just a newbie trying to get by>m

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